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Art has been around for almost as long as people. As soon as people could create, they did. They used anything they could. Caves became early humans’ canvas. The Lascaux Cave is home to the some of the earliest known artwork. The cave is a testament to the need of beauty, the need of documenting history, the need of being remembered. Whether the peoples of prehistory knew it, they were taking part in and contributing to the world of art. 

    Art is personal. It is personal to the artist and the patron. Each piece is created for a reason, and each is purchased for an equally specific reason. Those reasons are as unique and diverse as people themselves. Art is wonderful. It does so much to liven up a home and the world. It should be created, purchased, collected, and preserved, so that someday people can look back and learn from us the way we are learning from the art in the Lascaux Cave.  

The importance of art is far more varied than simply being aesthetically pleasing or even the documentation of self and culture. Art is made up of color, which change with the season. Artists use colors for a variety of reasons. For millennia, it was intuitively known color is important and can impact the viewer. Color has a subtle yet huge impact on the human psyche, mood, and psychology. In recent years, as science and technology progresses, a whole area of study centers around the importance of color. Chromotherapy or colorology is better known as color therapy; a holistic therapy often used in conjunction with modern medicine to treat a variety of disorders including seasonal affective disorder and depression. Chromotherapists use light in colors to balance a person’s mind, body, and spirit. It began in ancient times with Avicenna, who saw color as vitally important. It was not until the 19th and 20th centuries when color therapy became more mainstream. Color therapy is often incorporated into the design of stores and homes by interior designers to evoke certain emotions and behaviors. 

 Art is intensely varied and personal. The colors in a piece of art work in combination with intent, brush strokes, depictions, style, and more to relay information and emotions to the viewer. Artwork has evolved around the world influenced by their culture, times, and events. As time continues to pass and more art is created, art has become less regimented and more flexible and fluid. Art is being acquired by people from all backgrounds. It is no longer just for the extremely wealthy. Anyone and everyone can and wants to hang art in their homes and offices to evoke or remind them of certain things. 

Art can be incorporated into any space. It can be the center piece for interior designers to work around, or it can be worked into an already finished space. Art can suit modern spaces or traditional or it can touch on a little bit of both. When designing a space it is important to factor in art choices and tastes. Art has a major impact on the people living in the same space. It can change and affect moods, create memories, relieve stress, and influence happiness, so it is important to keep in mind when designing and decorating any interior. Art is vital to creating a beautiful space for people to inhabit daily. 



The gallery showcases works from new and inspiring artists from all around the world with a strong Asian representation. Artists from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan are represented in the highest frequency. Art has a way of finding its way into our lives. Art is personal and significant, and finding the artwork or artist can be an equally thrilling journey. 

More than just oils on canvas; art comes in every shape and form. We try to fill our collection with as many concepts as possible ranging from the traditional to contemporary to the emerging. We feature works of photography, illustration, collages, digital art, and more. We strive to appeal to patrons of every taste of art and desire.

The showroom exhibitions change every two months. Our online collection varies including in house artists and other.

We host guest artist exhibitions during summer months for art Academies, photo journalists and established painters. Please contact us for requirements and more information.



All our products are made in Germany with a pioneer in the photographic  production field, using several techniques and services to produce the products to the highest quality and standards.




The most modern process is a UV print involving printing the inks on the paper using a 7 colour process and hardening them with a UV light. This ensures a quality product than many art works can be ordered online. 


All photographic and Illustration art are printed on high quality mould pepper or fine art pearl from Hahnemühle – a renowned specialist for photo paper. These can be framed with different wood frames such as walnut and pine and with glass.


Art works printed on materials such as Aluminium and Plastic (Alu-Dibond) printed directly onto Aluminium with a modern UV printer, using 7 colour process. The inks are dried using a UV light and sealed using an Aluminium sealant. Most of our creative illustrations are made with this technology making them vibrant and sophisticated. 


Mountings behind acrylic glass are modern and popular. It is glossy and vibrant and break-proof. For most artworks this system creates something truly magical. 




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